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A handbuilt porcelain planter. Fully glazed interior and exterior and therefore this item is fully functional and can hold liquids. Perfect for a small cactus or succulent, fits a plant pot of up to 8cm width.


Dimensions: Height 9.5cm x Width 9cm


*Each item is handmade and therefore slight changes in colour or design may occur*


Rachel’s Watercolour Collection is inspired by her love of the flora and fauna within the surrounding Irish countryside of her home. Rachel has always enjoyed creating botanical style drawings and within the last few years has started to combine those studies with splashes of watercolour paints. The fluidity of the paint contrasts with the detailed drawing and each flower or insect bursts to life with colour, invoking memories of walking in the countryside. Pieces within this collection are designed to be collected and used in sets of vases, jugs and bowls. New forms are regularly added to build upon your collection. If you see a particular shape that you desire and want to order it with the design you are collecting, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and make a custom order.

Small Planter-Sunflower