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Hello and welcome to Rachel Leary Ceramics!

Ceramics is my absolute passion, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to make and sell my work for you lovely folks!

After completing a Masters degree in ceramics in 2015, I have slowly progressed from making at the kitchen table, to creating a small studio space at my home, between the front room and the garage! I am surrounded by our beautiful Irish countryside, and this is what influences my work. 

I create my porcelain wares by first making plaster moulds from which I slip cast each piece. They are then decorated and glazed using several different techniques and aesthetics inspired by nature.

Thank you all for your continuing support. Without you my ceramics journey could not exist!

Rachel x


Watercolour Collection

Rachel's love for drawing and painting botanical style depictions of natural life, brought about her Watercolour Collection. Porcelain kitchen ware, bottle vases and trinket bowls are glazed and finished with a range of Rachel's original watercolour paintings.

Botanicals Collection

Rachel's new Botanicals collection combines a very organic style of glazing. These abstract, colourful backgrounds are the perfect backdrop for her inky paintings of flora. This collection has begun with mugs and vases but will eventually expand and more items will be added soon.

Watercolour Set.JPG


Rachel's collection of sculpture comes from various means of inspiration, from science and material, to organic form, texture and pattern. Rachel has an obsession with Egyptian Faience and how it contrasts with the softness of porcelain clay, she will normally combine the two when creating her sculpture, constantly learning and being surprised of how the two will react with each other.

Rachel is happy to accept commissions for your own design ideas.

Please get in contact to discuss how you could work together.

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