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Rachel Leary Ceramics is an award winning business brought to life by designer and maker- Rachel Leary.

Since completing her Masters in Ceramics in 2015, Rachel has gradually built a home studio in the Northern Irish countryside, and it is her surroundings that fuel the inspiration behind her work.

Rachel has a strong interest in how material and process can work together and this is evident in both her functional and sculptural pieces. Through aesthetics of form, texture and design, Rachel hopes to evoke memories of the countryside and its hidden treasures and oddities. 

glazing 2.jpg
Autumn Collection_edited.jpg

Watercolour Collection

Rachel's love for drawing and painting botanical style depictions of natural life, brought about her Watercolour Collection. Porcelain bottle vases and trinket bowls are glazed and finished with a range of Rachel's original watercolour paintings.

Dribble Collection

The Dribble Collection came from an ambition to combine elements of Rachel's sculptural work with functional design. Sleek forms with subtle curves are finished by applying Egyptian Faience; a self glazing material made from clay and glass ingredients This faience has the ability to move and flow to an extent during the firing process, and the result of each piece will only be known when the kiln is opened after firing.

Dribble Trio.JPG


Rachel's collections of sculpture comes from various means of inspiration, from science and material, to organic form, texture and pattern. Rachel has an obsession with Egyptian Faience and how it contrasts with the softness of porcelain clay, she will normally combine the two when creating her sculpture, constantly learning and being surprised of how the two will react with each other.

Rachel is happy to accept commissions for your own design ideas. Please get in contact 

to discuss how we could work together.

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